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Bunker Energy S.p.A. - competence and experience in bunkering.

The foundation of our business is our comprehensive network and the constant effort to deliver outstanding service.

We are the Italian leading independent supplier of marine fuels: we are the sole bunker supplier in Augusta, Sicily;

Bunker Energy's activities range from Italy to North African (Maghreb region) and West African coast, from Morocco in the North to Gabon in the South.

The group’s German subsidiary, Deutsche Maxcom GmbH, supplies all the German ports with LSFO sulfur 1.0 pct max from the Holborn refinery.


YOUR QUALITY SUPPLIER OF MARINE FUELS:  Customers from all over the world look for our quality service and expertise and rely on our ability to perform their orders swiftly and efficiently. We regularly follow our client's demand in ports in the Middle and the Far East. Over the years we have established a bespoke network of reliable suppliers who enable us to quote for safe and smooth deliveries at very competitive prices.


PROACTIVE: We strive to be proactive in delivering solutions, ensure the best possible quality service and to provide our clients with comprehensive coverage of global bunkering areas.  Every day, Bunker Energy's mission is to exceed its customers’ expectations. We do this by understanding our customers’ needs, and by understanding our own business and challenging ourselves to constantly seek improvement. We know that every stakeholder is a customer. Our compliance culture continues to grow within our company, a reflection of the leadership and commitment displayed every day by our staff.


CAPABLE: The ability to feed critical information about worldwide markets is essential to ensure that our clients receive the best advice possible when placing their orders wherever their ships may be; openness and professional credibility are two focal aspects of our company policy.


RELIABLE: You can rely on Bunker Energy's trading desk willingness to share essential knowledge and experience to help you in taking quick decisions wisely, with ease and confidence, when purchasing your bunkers. Our dedicated team aims to operate in collaboration with the customers to reduce their bunkering expenditures, maintaining a high standard of service and safeguarding the performance of their ships in a cost-effective way.









Our strongholds:



Physical Suppl.

We handle the totality of the bunkers delivered in Augusta with product stored in our 57,700 cbm depot (IFO 380 cSt / Intermediates Fuels / MGO). Delivery is done by barge within port limits or at the inner anchorage. We also arrange Agency for vessels calling for bunkers for those clients who may need it. Santa Panagia and Catania are also served from Augusta. Only vessels working at the terminals can be supplied. Delivery is done by barge, at roads, prior or after completion of cargo ops, only during day/time.



Physical Suppl.



We are physical supplier in the port and we supply product sourced from the Augusta terminal. We can supply IFO 380 cSt high and low sulfur and MGO by barge. We can also arrange agency for vessels calling for bunkers only.




Contract Suppl.


Through our local office, we supply contracted Fuel Oils ex-Holborn refinery as well as MGO. From Hamburg we serve our customers by barge in other German ports such as Elbeports, Cuxhaven, Wilhelmshaven, Weserports, Emden and Kiel. DMB and DMC diesel with sulfur content max 0.1 pct are also available.



Contract Suppl.


We supply contracted fuels ex-NAFTAL (state company) installations, with whom we have been cooperating for more than 15 Years.




Contract Suppl.



MGO is available for delivery by truck in the main ports. F.O. is also available for delivery by truck.




Contract Suppl.



We can supply in all main ports of Morocco, IFO 380 cSt and MGO. Only full trucks are allowed, of about 30/33 cbm capacity each.




Contract Suppl.



Mgo is available for delivery ex-pipe.




Contract Suppl.



IFO 180 cSt and MGO are available and delivered ex-pipe (gasoil can be supplied by truck).



Contract Suppl.


IFO 180 cSt and MGO are regularly supplied by truck in Douala. In Limbe  MGO can be supplied ex-pipe.



Contract Suppl.


MGO is available in Port Gentil and in Libreville. Delivery is done by truck.

There is the possibility of ex-pipe delivery in Port Gentil.




Sales Agreement


In view of its key position along the cross Med trading lanes and considering the potential of growth in the area, it was decided to re-enter the Suez market in a different way than the past: we work closely with a local company that oversees all logistical and operative aspects of each individual enquiry on our behalf and ensure the best possible performance in executing our orders by the local delivery companies.


B2B Traders

We have given special consideration to Singapore, Middle and the Far East as the world’s largest bunkering areas.  Over the years we have selected a number of trustworthy and reliable contractors. This allows us to offer competitively for timely, efficient and safe deliveries. An increased effort will be infused in bunker trading on a larger scale than it was in the recent past: on the strength of fresh financing and the backing of the FinGo&Fuels holding, we are developing in areas other than our traditional strongholds.







An increased effort has been infused in bunker trading on a larger scale than it was in the recent past: on the strength of fresh financing and with the backing of the FinGo&Fuels holding, we are developing in areas other than our traditional strogholds.


Way before the implementation of the IMO 2020 regulation to reduce CO2 emissions by improsing a cap of 0.5% on marine fuel oils, our trading desk have been looking at all the main bunkering ports ; we will be able to advise on the best bunkering ports along the main trading lanes.


We give thorough coverage, not exclusively of where your operations take place; we will look at every possible alternatives to ensure that our client’s requirements find a swift and economically viable solution and that any request finds the most adequate and comprehensive answer in the shortest time possible.


The market have been extremely volatile lately and timely accurate information on fluctuation of prices and operational impediments Is critical: we will ensure that our clients do not lose any opportunities in the market or do not rush into an impulsive based only on odd gut feelings.


What decision are you leaning toward?

We will leave no stone unturned in our quest to propose you  the most suitable, competitive and secure solutions for any of your bunker requirements.






The sales desk can be contacted 24/24 at the following:




Ms. Alessandra Boccone, M.D.


TEL: +39 010 5605 230

CELL: +33 620 902 665

Skype: bocconea



Mr. Alberto Pampaloni



TEL: +39 010 5605 252

CELL: +39 335 7624 202
Skype: pampaloni.maxcom



Mr. Tommaso Panzeri


TEL:  +39 010 5605 256

CELL: +39 393 9969 500

Skype: tommaso_panzeri
ICE: tpanzeri








TEL: +39 010 56 051 - FX: +39 010 56 4489